Classic VapBongs / Vaporizer

Each piece is handmade and unique and also available. 
Bubble Bandits, Wonderlamps, OABs (OldStyleBandits/OneArmBandit), OAB Minis as well as the classic VapBong cost 420 € net plus 23 % VAT with a classic glaze. 

The price for these models with Copplestone on top (i.e. 2 glazes with 3 layers each) cost 470 € net plus 23 % VAT.


Shipping costs are individual and can be requested by EMail. The costs are calculated by the respective weight of the device or the package and the distance of the destination country.

OAB Seawind light

VapBong Mint Chip

VapBong Pagoda Green

VapBong Woodland Mystery (Copplestone)

VapBong Wildfire

OAB Mint Chip

OAB Plum Jelly

OAB Seawind

OAB Night Sky (Copplestone)

VapBong Mystic Forest (Copplestone)

VapBong Splash

VapBong Tree Frog

VapBong Sailing Joys

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