Usage is really simple, the most important information are summarized in text form below. For a more detailed guide, you can watch the linked videos below:

1) Fill with clear water

For the VapBong model: You can find out the maximum amount of water when you draw without the herb chamber. When you release your draw no water should slosh to the edge of the chillum because otherwise your herbs will get wet when the herb chamber is in place. Everything below also is fine.
For the Bandit model: If water sloshes to your mouth while you draw, it´s too much water :)

2) Temperature & preheating

Let it heat up for 15 min at full power. The massive ceramic needs this time until it is well warmed.
Then turn it down to the desired setting and wait approx. 1 minute until the heating coil has cooled down to the selected setting.
For herbs around 10.0 - 10.5 is a recommendable value, for hash around 10.5 - 11.0.

3) Avoid the following

Put the bowl beside when you switch it off because otherwise moisture will get to the herbs and also the electronics.

4) Cleaning

The frequency of cleaning depends on your personal preference. Fresh water daily will keep the Vapbong clean for a long time. If you need to remove the resin, you can use a bottle brush for the body and a slightly smaller one for the herb chamber and dowstem. You can use hot or boiling water and any cleaner of your choice, e.g. Isopropanol or washing powder or baking soda together with vinegar.

The screen can easily be burned free with a lighter or, even better, a jet lighter.

5) Tipps

After only a few draws, stir the herbs with a small stick (e.g. toothpick). This way you get fresh vapor again and the herbs are consumed evenly. Material that the hot air stream has not reached can now be heated and vaporized.

The Vapbong can remain switched on 24/7. That way you can leave the bowl in place all the time.

Make sure that the herb chamber is placed exactly (picture below), otherwise the Vapbong will give little or no vapor and darkly charred spots will appear on the herb material. Take a look at the herb chamber from below - no white edge of the ceramic should be visible, only colored glaze.

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