That's why you should have a VapBong ! 

1) Optics 

Fascination at first glance: beautiful effect glazes and unique design. 

2) Acoustics 

Pleasant bubbling while you draw, otherwise silent. 

3) Use and application

 Invented by the Rastafarian Dr. Colly. Excellent vapor production and easy to use with maximum efficiency and complete utilization of the plant material. You have never tasted your weed so pure and delicious, just like food it simply tastes better when ceramic is used instead of plastic or metal. Less coughing - the chillum with diffuser provides gentle cooling, the water filters and frees the vapor from remaining fine particles On-demand operation, no waste during non-use Pull light and little or strong and abundant - all equally well possible. Hash or weed - you can vaporize both 24/7 continuous operation suitab


4) Sophistication

   No plastic bags, tubes or other strange devices, the consuming person looks natural and aesthetic.
   Treat yourself to something special: all vaporizers are made by hand - how many handmade items do you have in your household?

5) Sustainability

   Save money and resources: No hidden subscriptions or expensive add-ons
   wear-free, no need to repurchase parts

German handmade combined with art and herbal enjoyment.

High Edition: "Weedlees"

Ceramics, Glaze & Heart

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