How the Vaporizer/VapBong works:

Fill with good water

With the Vapos you can find out the maximum water level by pulling on it when the herb chamber is set down. In the chillum, no water should slosh to the edge after the pull because otherwise the herbs would get wet with the herb chamber on.

Temperature & Preheat

Let your Vapo heat up for 10-20 minutes at full power. The solid ceramic needs this time until it is well warmed up.
Then turn down to the desired setting and wait about 1 minute for the heating coil to cool to the selected setting.
For herbs, about 10.0 - 10.5 is a good value. Oils and resins can be vaporized in the vapo as well.

Do best as follows:

To maintain your device properly ūüėČ put the herb ball down and remove the herbs. The herb ball should always be placed on the large opening. Or in the ball rack, which is also available from us.
Pour out the water and fill in fresh water the next time.


How often you clean what depends on your personal preference. Fresh water every day will keep the vapo clean for a long time. If you want to remove debris, you can use a bottle brush for the body, and a slightly smaller one for the herb chamber. The water can be hot or boiling.
As a cleaner you can use any cleaner of your choice. We ourselves clean our Vapo with baking soda or apple cider vinegar. We do not recommend pure alcohol.

The screen can be easily burned free with a lighter or even better a jet lighter.


Stir the herbs after a few puffs. This way you will always get fresh steam and the herbs will be consumed evenly. Material that has not been reached by the hot air stream can now be heated and vaporized.

Make sure that the herb chamber is placed exactly (glaze to glaze), otherwise the vapo will emit little or no vapor and dark charred spots will appear on the herb material. Look at the herb chamber from below - there should be no white edge of the ceramic visible anymore, only colored glaze.

And now have fun steaming.

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